You Get What You Pay For…

I’m sure you’ve heard, “you get what you pay for”. My husband says it to me at least once a month. I’m a huge bargain hunter, I can’t help it. I LOVE a good deal, and it’s amplified when it’s something I need. However, I don’t think it’s often recognized, what you get for the cost. 


Finding a deal and getting a deal are two separate ideas. That shirt you’ve been eyeing at a boutique for $36.99 versus a similar shirt at a big retail store for $19.99. They’re not the same shirt, yet they’re similar in color or style. The price tag alone calls you and you rejoice! However, that boutique shirt stays on your mind. The fabric of the retail store isn’t the same, the color/style is off, and the fit isn’t the fit of that boutique shirt. By the time you decide to go buy that boutique shirt, it’s no longer available. That boutique shirt wasn’t made for bulk orders to accommodate national store’s demands, it was made for an ideal consumer that goes beyond the basic concept of clothing someone. 


I think that too many people expect photographers to be cheap; because that’s how many get their start and it becomes a moot, yet frustrating, expectation. Yes, uncle Bob can snap a picture; but does uncle Bob create a timeless photograph? Uncle Bob is free, for a reason; and unfortunately you’ll find that out at the point where the moment has passed and that memory is now captured in whatever uncle Bob managed to get. 

Image courtesy of Imgur ” Jokes on them, I look better blurry!”

by dudezaplenti 21 April 2017

When you book a photographer, for any need, you’re paying for many factors that include their expertise, knowledge, and skill. Similar to what went into the price of that boutique shirt that you had fallen in love with. There are purchases, and then there are investments. Are you looking for a photographer to simply take a picture that will pop up once a year in your social media feed; or are you looking for a professional that will capture you – in that moment – to remember forever? One is a purchase, and the other is an investment. 

Don’t trust your time, money, and memories with someone who doesn’t value them. YOU are important. Why aren’t your memories?