Holiday Pop Ups!

It’s within the final 90 days of 2019! That means this is “go, go, go!” for many people. There’s holiday prep, school, school activities, travel, cooking, and shopping to be done in these final months! Oh, and don’t forget about the traditional holiday picture! Feeling crazy yet?

What’s a pop up?

So, let’s take a brief moment to talk about my pop ups. What is a pop up? It’s EASY, that’s what it is! I designed these pop ups as an alternative to that mall Santa line that accommodates a busy family (or impatient toddler’s) routine. I’m offering three sets this year; Festive Fall, Cookies at Santa’s workshop, and together for the holidays. While Santa is tradition, I focus on a different experience with my pop ups than a typical mini session or mall Santa. This year, my pop ups are being hosted by Tootzie Toes Children Boutique!

Here’s what to expect

Each set has 3 weekends and each client receives an average of 5 minutes on set to get a minimum of 4 poses to select from. I’m a mom of a two year old, for that reason he’ll sit still for about 5 minutes before he’s over anything; so I tried to design my pop ups around his patience level. Once photos are taken, they will be uploaded immediately to my computer for your selections, very minor editing may happen, and that/those selected images will be printed immediately after your selection! Quick and easy, right? Oh! Each family who comes to the pop up will also receive a little goody bag as well!

The sets

This year has 3 sets, and each showcase and focus on something different! I tried to create something for everyone.

-Festive Fall: A simple and sweet fall set with autumn leaves and of course pumpkins! This set can accommodate two small children (or even sitting adults/teens).

-Cookies at Santa’s Workshop: This set is such a fun experience for the kiddos! Instead of Santa, they get a cookie baked by Peanutbutter Jelly! Who cries with Santa? Quite a few kiddos; but who cries with cookies? Ahh…

Together for the holidays: A simple but cute set for families or groups of siblings. If they’ll sit for 5 minutes, it’s a painless family picture!

I want the deets!

Where: Tootzie Toes Children’s Boutique
1207 Port Neches Ave
Port Neches, TX

When: Each set has 3 weekends and begin at 11:30 am running until store closing.
Festive Fall: 10/19, 11/02, & 11/16
Cookies at Santa’s Workshop: 11/30, 12/07, & 12/21
Together for the Holidays: 12/01, 12/08 & 12/22

We are offering pre-pay this year which will give you the chance to save 10% off of your order! Want one print? One set? All sets? Different packages per set? It’s entirely up to you! Simply go here and make your selection. Once you’re ready to check out, use the code TOOTZIETOES for your 10% discount! Easy! You’ll receive an email receipt. After that, all you’ll have to do is show up on ANY date of that selected set (for packages) or any set date for ala carte items and give your name and email address to redeem your purchase! Easy, right?

Should you have any questions, please email me at! See ya’ll there!

Framed Heirloom Art

As you may know, many photographers offer some sort of wall art for their clients. These glorious pieces are there to showcase your session, to be admired and viewed at any time without endless camera roll or social media scrolling. But, what exactly is framed heirloom art?

Framed heirloom art (also known as wall art) come ready to hang in your home. With my framed pieces, I take the guess work out of what to do with your prints. The only thing you need to do is decide which image(s), matting or no matting, size, and frame. Viola!

Recent client framed heirloom art showcase from their session in a distressed white frame

Your image(s) will come secured behind a hand assembled frame, glare resistant acrylic, matting (optional for single images), and ready to hang. During my reveals, I like to bring samples of my product offerings so you can see sizing, quality, and variety.

I often meet clients in public spaces, but also offer in-home reveals! This way, you can see these pieces of art on your walls where you’re thinking about placing them. What can this do exactly? This helps with uncertainty about a size, placement, or orientation. This also builds a connection from you to your framed art! The best thing to do is visualize, and by having samples seen in your home you can make a much more informed and appropriate decision of product and size!

Wall Art, Pricing, And Price List

I thought I should announce that my prices will be changing this summer. I know, everyone dreads price shifts, but I’m transitioning to focus more on wall art and products as opposed to digital files. While I still will offer digital files, they won’t be inclusive to our sessions any longer as you deserve more of the opportunity to embellish your homes with pictures of you and your loved ones.

My main goal, as a photographer, is to capture moments of you, your child(ren), your loved ones that are worthframing and having on your walls and not in your camera roll. I want you to value these memories and moments, because they’re worth valuing. Having them in your home has so many benefits and it also acts as a time machine; pulling you back and fully remembering that session and that interaction. Those memories are worthremembering and preserving, and I want to take the responsibility of what to do with those digital files away from you. Let me help you preserve them, getting them off your hard drive, cloud, or camera roll and onto your walls.

As of July 1, 2019 I will no longer have books and albums smaller than 10×10 on my price list. This is due primarily for quality reasons, as I feel the 8×8 is just too small to be an appropriate showcase of your session. With this reduction, it allows me to offer more pages within your books and albums!

Gallery blocks, similar to canvas wraps but without the texture (in a nutshell) will no longer be offered smaller than 12×12. Similar to books and albums, I just feel the 8×8 or 8×10 are too small to truly showcase your photographs. While this will be apart of my firefly mini marathon sessions, they won’t be available to purchase al a carte any further.

Gift prints, also known as loose prints, will require a minimum $50.00 order to “unlock” this option. Some sessions may include a complimentary 5×7 or 8×10 in the future. I will also be offering keepsake boxes with complimentary USB drives for your session in 5×7 or 8×10. These keepsake boxes and USB drive can be customized with your favorite image(s) from your session and can hold up to 100 images per box ranging from 4×6 up to the desired box size. This is a great way to preserve your gift prints and USB drive if you’re giving them as a gift or looking for a modern and stylish way to showcase and preserve them. Keepsake boxes with the USB drive will be complimentary for any gift print purchase over $200.00 ($60.00 value).

Of course, any framed wall art print, gallery block purchase or book and/or album purchase will include their corresponding digital file for those selected image(s) or al a cart at their price listed within your contract or session price sheet. Any sessions currently under contract will not have their included products effected.

Why Pictures Are Important

My son was born July 15, 2017. My mother passed away 4 days after his first birthday. FOUR days. In early 2018 she had planned to fly out to Indiana to celebrate his first birthday with us, but she was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer in May 2018 and given a prognosis of 3 months. The last time she saw her grandson was in June when we flew back to be with her and to celebrate his birthday early. She loved him, so much that knowing her fate made her angry. While there, I took minimal pictures since I just wanted to be with her. This was only the third time she had seen her grandson.

We were in California for two weeks. When we first arrived, my mother was alert, though exhausted and having a hard time with mobility and breathing. At the end of our visit, my mother was on oxygen 24 hours a day and barely coherent.

One of the only pictures I have of my mother and my son, taken with my iphone

My mother was never one to demand pictures but never hid from the camera either. She absolutely loved pictures of us and her grandchildren. I don’t think there’s a person who loved anything more than my mother with her family. Anytime we’d text her a picture she’d usually print it out on her Kodak picture printer and it would be in the foyer, her desk, or on the tv stand the next time we visited. She was one of my first supporters when I started photography. She always wore her love for everyone so obviously and would help anyone who needed it. My mother was a rare light in this world, and it breaks my heart that my son won’t experience it.

My parents at my grandparent’s anniversary dinner. Year unknown.

She was only 62 when she passed away. It all happened so fast, and now all we have are memories and images.

The only picture we ever had of my mother and her father. This is the face we’d always remember when she’d speak about him.

There’s a misconception that digital images equal pictures. The benefits of having digital images is that they’re convenient and can last “forever” – granted they’re backed up on at least 2 devices at full-size and high resolution; but they’re not heirlooms. Pictures are visible heirlooms. We all have at least one box of pictures and at least one framed picture in our homes. We see framed pictures every day. We see those loved ones every day, whether they’re still with us or not. We don’t forget about a framed picture like we do a digital image in our phones or hard drive.

How often have you scrolled through your camera roll on the hunt for a picture, only to find so many others that you forgot about? I do that so often. I did it last night. I make plans to print them out, but I tend to forget about it because of where they are; and we don’t often consider what would happen to our phones or cloud. In November 2017, my iphone was broken. The ONLY photo I had of my mother and my son when he was a month old was gone forever because it was NOT backed up to my cloud. You would not believe how desperately I tried to recover that photo. I could remember my mother asking me to send it to her, but I guess I never did. I can see that photo in my mind, I remember it so clearly. I remember her asking me to take it. I was devastated when I couldn’t recover it.

In our home, we have pictures of my parents, my husband’s parents, and some of my grandfather. They’re all on the walls because I want our son to see them – to know them. He’ll have a face to put with their names and stories. I’ve made it a point with my son, to try and get any many pictures as possible. Pictures aren’t just heirlooms, they’re our stories and they should be told.

Firefly Mini Marathon Sessions

I don’t typically do many mini themed sessions, but once I came up with this one I couldn’t get it out of my head! What’s more summer than fireflies in the south? Catching fireflies (or lightning bugs) in a mason jar, the hot summer nights just seem to slow down.

Let your little one(s) explore and use their imagination with my firefly mini session. I’ll provide the mason jar, they’ll provide the thrill of the hunt as they search for fireflies while I capture their excitement!

These images are guaranteed to have fireflies, even if none are caught; providing an enchanting image of your child that will last through the years.

Creative Photography Beaumont TX Bookings

Each session is priced per child with a 20 minute session, 5 fine art edited images, an 8×8 or 8×10 gallery block of your favorite ( that’s a $105.00 value by itself!!) with it’s corresponding digital file, and an online gallery to view your images!

Fine Print

Digital files are available to purchase at the rate specified within the contract. Any wall art purchase(s), 11×14 or larger, will include their corresponding digital file at no additional cost. Full session amount due at time of booking to secure your session on my calendar. Sessions are to take place, on-site at Terrell Park botanical garden in Beaumont, TX no earlier than 6:00 pm.

You Get What You Pay For…

I’m sure you’ve heard, “you get what you pay for”. My husband says it to me at least once a month. I’m a huge bargain hunter, I can’t help it. I LOVE a good deal, and it’s amplified when it’s something I need. However, I don’t think it’s often recognized, what you get for the cost. 


Finding a deal and getting a deal are two separate ideas. That shirt you’ve been eyeing at a boutique for $36.99 versus a similar shirt at a big retail store for $19.99. They’re not the same shirt, yet they’re similar in color or style. The price tag alone calls you and you rejoice! However, that boutique shirt stays on your mind. The fabric of the retail store isn’t the same, the color/style is off, and the fit isn’t the fit of that boutique shirt. By the time you decide to go buy that boutique shirt, it’s no longer available. That boutique shirt wasn’t made for bulk orders to accommodate national store’s demands, it was made for an ideal consumer that goes beyond the basic concept of clothing someone. 


I think that too many people expect photographers to be cheap; because that’s how many get their start and it becomes a moot, yet frustrating, expectation. Yes, uncle Bob can snap a picture; but does uncle Bob create a timeless photograph? Uncle Bob is free, for a reason; and unfortunately you’ll find that out at the point where the moment has passed and that memory is now captured in whatever uncle Bob managed to get. 

Image courtesy of Imgur ” Jokes on them, I look better blurry!”

by dudezaplenti 21 April 2017

When you book a photographer, for any need, you’re paying for many factors that include their expertise, knowledge, and skill. Similar to what went into the price of that boutique shirt that you had fallen in love with. There are purchases, and then there are investments. Are you looking for a photographer to simply take a picture that will pop up once a year in your social media feed; or are you looking for a professional that will capture you – in that moment – to remember forever? One is a purchase, and the other is an investment. 

Don’t trust your time, money, and memories with someone who doesn’t value them. YOU are important. Why aren’t your memories?