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The face behind the lens

Hey ya’ll

Yep! That’s me to the right! My name it Kelly and I’m the photographer and owner of Kelly Eileen Portraiture, LLC. I’m terrible at introductions but great at being my random and unfiltered self. I tend to invest a lot of myself in my work and relationships with my clients (I kind of like to get to know them a bit and just maybe be friends too); so if you’re looking for a one time use photographer, then I’m probably not for you. Now if you can appreciate and carry on a conversation with me in gifs and memes, then we’re probably a match made in geeky heaven! Otherwise normal conversation is fine too.

I’ve been a photographer for going on four years. I love shooting things that inspire me or make me feel in the moment. I also love when clients are up for a random styled shoot or hike into a very random wooded spot (trust me!) that looks like something out by Camp Crystal Lake. I’m also not a cheesy smile type of photographer. I love serious faces and watching them open up, so give me all those mean muggin little ones! 

I’m a very honest and truthful person by nature and throw myself into my sessions and business completely, I’m just a little socially awkward; but if we can get past my awkward introduction during our consultation, then we may just be an ideal fit!   

Got a Question?

Should you have any inquiries about bookings, prices, or anything that comes to your mind. Just fill out the form below, and I will get back to you as soon as I can!

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